New famous spot of jacaranda opened on June 6, 2014!

 "Jacaranda" which became flowering tree which told early summer of Atami now. Park which let you accumulate the "jacaranda" Honshu one as new tourist attraction opened on June 6, 2014!

 Is along water park; the jacaranda flowering situation of Omiya Green Area is


A certain Health measure - vitality citizen-based town planning to glisten is ... from health of each one

The average age of Atami citizens 53.9 years old, age median 59.5 years old (H22 national census). In other words, Atami-shi is city that aging went ahead through very much that population of thereunder is about the same 60 years old or older.

  Aging rate indicating ratio of population is 38.6% 65 years old or older; this figure (will estimate in the future: National Institute of Population and Social Security Research) 30 years after Japan. On the other hand, tendency to decrease has the birth rate year by year and becomes city going the most tip of shokokoyowaishakai.

  All the people who love people, Atami that are born and raised in this town in Atami-shi, and move arrest with resources of Atami activation and they wrestle for Health measure so that people concerned with Atami are healthy, and life that we did lively is late and grow.


Hot Spring of Atami

Approximately 16,600 liters a minute of total gush quantity!

Atami Onsen is hot-spring village proud of "history" and "quantity of water" worth the popularity.
In addition, high Hot Spring more than 42 degrees Celsius accounts for approximately 90%; the average temperature with approximately 63 degrees Celsius,
The source total number is outstanding high hot springs resorts of the whole country for hot-springs resort more than 500.

Atami time

It starts publicly at emigration promotion Web site "Atami time"

■We introduce charm to live of Atami! We made Web site "Atami time"
Population of Atami-shi continues decreasing. We devised "the fourth Atami-shi comprehensive plan" which published aim a population of 40,000 people in the future in March, 2011 while it looked like it. We regard that we stop population decline as one of the most important problems, and Atami-shi starts various approaches now.
We made web site "Atami time" to introduce charm to live this time in Atami. We have many of you know charm of Atami-shi more and expect so that one emigrating to Atami increases. We introduce about characteristics of background and Atami that decided to do such an approach in the following.

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Atami time press release from this (2012.05.17)