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Atami-shi west 2, Atami

It is "in front of west Atami villa" *toho one minute from Atami Station for bus 19 minutes25 million yen3LD, K+ storeroom2001 3 tsuki*

Kamitaga, Atami-shi

25,800,000 yen3LDK the first floor LDK (12 tatami), Japanese-style room (10 tatami) the second floor Western-style room (12 tatami) Western-style room (10 tatami)Year built / June, 1982 July, 2016 full renovation

Kamijukucho, Atami-shi

From JR Ito Line "Kinomiya" station a 5-minute walk44 million yen6LDK+ storeroom +WICJune, 1981

Atami-shi nature family in the district is based

Tokaido Line Atami Station car 15 minutes5,500,000 yen3LDKOctober, 1983

The Showa-cho, Atami-shi 15th

From JR Line Atami Station9,800,000 yenOctober, 1972

Kamitaga, Atami-shi

It is a 17-minute walk from Ito Line Izu-Taga Station5,500,000 yen3DK1980 10 tsuki*

Shimotaga, Atami-shi

It is approximately 21 minutes on foot from Ito Line Ajiro Station15,800,000 yen1LDK (LDK approximately 20.1, yoyaku 7.5)December, 2010

Sakuragicho, Atami-shi

Is car than Tokaido Atami Station; approximately ten minutes49 million yen4LDK+S (the third-floor LDK approximately 24.0, the second-floor Western-style room approximately 9.0 Japanese-style room approximately 10.0 storeroom approximately 4.0, the first-floor Western-style room approximately 9.0 the first floor Japanese-style room approximately 8.0)July, 1992

Izumi, Atami-shi, Shizuoka

Is car than JR Tokaido Main Line "Atami" station; approximately 11 minutes (approximately 5.1km)88 million yen11 guest rooms and office + home (8DK)February, 1985 (some March, 1980)

Atami-shi forest is hill

JR Tokaido Main Line Atami Station 7-minute walk14,800 ten thousand Japanese yen6LDKJanuary, 2008
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