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Kamijukucho, Atami-shi

Approximately 11 minutes on foot from Atami Station3,500,000 yen1DK1974 12 tsuki*

2, Minaguchicho, Atami-shi, Shizuoka

It is approximately ten minutes by nearest station Atami Station 2.7km car5,900,000 yen1LDKMarch, 1991

Baiencho, Atami-shi

Kinomiya Station 17-minute walk4,600,000 yen1LDK (6-tatami Japanese-style room, LD16 .1 quires) terraceNovember, 1991

Minaguchicho, Atami-shi

Atami Station 18-minute walk32 million yen2LDKNovember, 2000

For Izumi, Atami-shi former Kadogawa

Yugawara Station 14-minute walk31,500,000 yen2LDKFebruary, 2012

Higashikaigancho, Atami-shi Fujita second Atami apartment

On foot from JR Tokaido Main Line "Atami" station approximately nine minutes (approximately 720m)15,500,000 yen2LDKDecember, 1982

For Izumi, Atami-shi former Kadogawa

Approximately 14 minutes on foot from JR Yugawara Station34 million yen2LDK+ storeroomFebruary, 2012

Minaguchicho, Atami-shi

It is approximately 18 minutes on foot from JR Atami Station23 million yen2LD, KJuly, 1991

Higashikaigancho, Atami-shi

Approximately 4 minutes on foot from Atami Station33 million yen2LD, KJune, 2009

4-34, Kamijukucho, Atami-shi

It is approximately 8 minutes on foot from JR Line Atami Station4,500,000 yen1DKDecember, 1974 new construction
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