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Apartment apartment
13-18, Sakuracho, Atami-shi

55,000 yen2K (the first floor: approximately 35 square meters)August, 1993

Apartment apartment
Shimizu-cho, Atami-shi raguzeshia netsukaiseisazanamikaku

Atami Station 19-minute walk150,000 yen2LDK 65.56㎡February, 2009

Apartment apartment
Minaguchicho, Atami-shi

Kinomiya Station 5-minute walk35,000 yen1DK (six quires of Western-style rooms, DK7 cho) 27.32㎡May, 1968

Parking lot
Higashikaigancho, Atami-shi

80,000 yenSite: Approximately 100㎡

Apartment apartment
Sakuragicho, Atami-shi

Atami Station bus ten minutes bus stop ten minutes45,000 yen2K 27㎡July, 1977

Apartment apartment
Sakimicho, Atami-shi

Atami Station 5-minute walk110,000 yen1LDK (8-tatami Japanese-style room, LDK12 .2 quires)November, 1988

Apartment apartment
Fukumichicho, Atami-shi apartment

Kinomiya Station 2-minute walk78,000 yen2DK (6-tatami Japanese-style room, eight quires of Western-style rooms)December, 1988

Office, store
3-13, Ginzacho, Atami-shi Riverside building the second floor

53,000 yenApproximately 28㎡October 2, 1979 new construction

Apartment apartment
Shimizu-cho, Atami-shi room Hot Spring lease

Atami Station 20-minute walk (bus stop "Shimizu-cho" 3-minute walk)100,000 yen2LDK (8-tatami Japanese-style room, 8-tatami Japanese-style room, LDK)November, 1986

Office, store
15-4, Showa-cho, Atami-shi

From Atami Station is bus stop "Tenjin-cho" getting off around one minute by bus for 15 minutes80,000 yenApproximately 50㎡1972
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