Paradise city Atami that shines as for anyone for impression to person whom living person visits for pride

Information of livings such as a lot of guides citizen services of municipal administration living, other administrative information

It is full of pleasant event information and highlight of Sightseeing Atami

Businessmen bid, contract information and information about business support


vol .15 cover

Atami NEWS LETTER vol .15 (2017.3 month issue) issuance

We issue seasonal information of Atami once as "Atami NEWS LETTER" in report, quarter to have people inside and outside the city be interested in Atami.

Logo mark

Memory of the 80th anniversary of the Atami municipal organization enforcement

In Atami-shi, we reach the municipal organization enforcement 80th anniversary on April 10, 2017.
In commemoration of the 80th anniversary, we perform commemorative project as follows.



News of temporary welfare benefit (for economic measure)

We will tell about temporary welfare benefit (for economic measure). html (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare HP)


Atami oldness and support donation renewed from October 3, 2016!

 With "oldness and the tax payment," one's "favorite town" wants to support "beloved town"! It is system that can realize thought of toiu many of you through donation.
 We utilize intention of contributed to measure of city from now on because it is in Atami loved more by many citizens, tourists.
 Contribution of all of you makes more attractive Atami.
 Please support Atami for "Atami oldness and support donation"!

News from shop of Atami

Uptown Izu

Atami house ★Station, supermarket, city hall is soroi within the range of foot, too…

Shop which is the southernmost tip of Atami-shi

Memory of trip to make in Kusu of Atami Baien

Social Welfare Corporation Kaiko Association | Kaiko garden

[special elderly nursing home] We use "Imabari towel" which Japan is proud of from April…

It is built of cherry tree house

Park seleno Atami and Atami house are sale ninarima…

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Real estate article information of Atami-shi


Kamijukucho, Atami-shi
3,500,000 yen


2, Minaguchicho, Atami-shi, Shizuoka
5,900,000 yen


Baiencho, Atami-shi
4,600,000 yen


Higashikaigancho, Atami-shi Fujita second Atami apartment
15,500,000 yen

Lease, apartment apartment

13-18, Sakuracho, Atami-shi
55,000 yen

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