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The average age of Atami citizens 53.9 years old, age median 59.5 years old (H22 national census). In other words, Atami-shi is city that aging went ahead through very much that population of thereunder is about the same 60 years old or older.

  Aging rate indicating ratio of population is 38.6% 65 years old or older; this figure (will estimate in the future: National Institute of Population and Social Security Research) 30 years after Japan. On the other hand, tendency to decrease has the birth rate year by year and becomes city going the most tip of shokokoyowaishakai.

  All the people who love people, Atami that are born and raised in this town in Atami-shi, and move arrest with resources of Atami activation and they wrestle for Health measure so that people concerned with Atami are healthy, and life that we did lively is late and grow.

[present conditions recognition] The present conditions to surround Health of Atami-shi

■ Population dynamics
  Population of Atami-shi increased from 13,843 people of the first national census (1920) and peaked in 54,540 people of 1965. Tendency to decrease continues and decreases to 39,348 afterwards in 2010.

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■ Average life span
  Average life span of Atami-shi is less than whole country, Shizuoka with man and woman.
  City of eastern part, Izu area tends to be short in 23 Shizuoka throughout the prefecture, and, in Atami-shi, all man and woman of them turns out shortest in that.

※ "2005 life table according to municipality" (the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare minister's secretariat Statistical Information Department)

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■ The death rate according to the cause of death
  The death rate per a population of 1,000 people of Atami-shi 16.80 people (H22). The whole country: 9.52 people, Shizuoka: It is the death rate that greatly exceeds 9.84 people, and is the highest in 23 Shizuoka throughout the prefecture. The cause of death has most "malignant neoplasms" (cancer) with approximately 30% followed by "cerebro-vascular disease" is order of "pneumonia" "heart trouble".

  Lifestyle including "high habitual smoking rate" is thought about with the cause "lower consultation rate such as cancer screening" the shortness of average life span in background of the high death rate.

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[problem, measure] What do you wrestle being conscious of how?

  We recognize progress of low birthrate and aging of Atami-shi, the shortness of average life span (healthy life expectancy), high death rate (high death rate particularly in its prime), and, in development of Health measure, approach depending on life stage is demanded.

■ Promotion of Health of the mother and the child
  The number of the birth decreases, but be full of tendency to marry later, overdue birth in tendency of becoming more, and warm support is asked for. We work on reinforcement of the support system to pregnant woman, infants for healthy growth of important children.

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■ Correspondence to lifestyle-related disease
  For improvement of healthy index of 40-64-year-old authorized medical examination generations, we wrestle in enhancement of consultation rate improvement and health consultation of various medical examination (examination) mainly.

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■ Promotion of the care prevention
  The prevention in in front of where it is is important to pivot support, need of nursing care that old everybody is healthy and is behind with life that we did lively. The ratio of independent household of elderly person is high in Atami-shi in particular and works on offers of places of exchange of people who are apt to stay indoors.

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Atami-shi Health plan development

  People concerned with citizen and Atami are healthy and devise the making of base to be able to live for lively and "Atami-shi Health plan" that it is while analyzing population dynamics (index about the death in particular) and examination rate, lifestyle that is characteristic of Atami-shi and wrestle for citizen's Health measure.

  We evaluate plan of healthy 21 Atami-shi plan "Atami breath breath 21", Japan, and "Atami-shi Health plan" that we devised in 2012 gathers succession plan and "health increase plan" that it is, and "mother and the child health planning" examines "dentistry health planning" in total. In addition, we place as "synthesis-like Health plan" in connection with "atami stomach pekoe food education promotion plan" or "next-generation upbringing support action plan" that we gathered in 2011.

  By plan, we promote measure that considered local characteristic including high habitual smoking rate and high death rate due to malignant neoplasm and liver disease, and tourist and two area residents examine available service from characteristic as sightseeing spot and wrestle for measure to be connected for local activation from the side of health, medical care positively.

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■ News from health center
  We introduce "susume of living a life lively healthy Atami" published in Atami newspaper.
  susume of living a life lively healthy Atami
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