City promotion

 We raise charm and image of Motoichi in Atami-shi from 2011 and wrestle for city promotion in earnest to be able to do information dispatch to nominate value for essentially.

Citizen works on program invitation of the leading role

Staff of city is labelled in one of approach of city promotion saying "AD come!" and works on program invitation.
As well as reporting of facility, AD (assistant director) including arrangement of location dialect supports work that it is usually had a hard time thoroughly and, including variety program, increases exposure to locations of drama, movie and aims at brand up of Atami.

It is city promotion that citizen who has citizen and all of industry photograph this program invitation activity positively and cooperate, and has you publicize charm of Atami became the leading role.

After January, 2013, program exposure increases and thinks that it led to one of the factors of hotel guest increase.

 "AD, irasshiyai!" HP of program invitation activity from this

→ That scene ... "location introduction" of ... drama and movie from this

Change of hotel guest

Change of the number of the hotel guests

According to the last year (2013) hotel guest number (preliminary figure) that Shizuoka announced of one year, the number of the hotel guests of Atami-shi is approximately 2,835,000 people. It becomes anti-increase of 7.4%, approximately 196,000 compared with the previous year.

In addition, the number of the hotel guests of the whole Izu area becomes anti-1.2% increase compared with the previous year in approximately 10,484,000 people.

It may be said that the number of Atami-shi hotel guests of 2013 was beyond standard of 2009 before the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Voice of cooperator①


"It increases by touch point visitor zo"
㈱The pot crane fifth generation
nikenichi** (we look at cover and shine)

As well as trip program of conventional Hot Spring gourmet line, we feel while we are interviewed as genres to come to coverage such as drama or movie increased. In the world where information increases, we think that it is important that points (opportunity to touch) to touch brand name or the place name increase. The place name called Atami knows all the elderly, but thinks that it comes from such a thing that it is very important to program, drama, movie which young person sees that there is keyword called Atami for touch point, and visitors increase in downtown including young person.

As for the reason taken up by our company gaga media which is dried fish shop, consistency before entering mouth of visitor at production, processing thinks that this is because it is to plain image to audience. We think that it is element that "quality of Atami" is taken up creating nature of the locality called sightseeing spot in particular, trip mood.

As we think that it is important for promotion for citizen infiltrating dried fish culture firstly to be able to answer "dried fish" speaking of Atami souvenir from citizen's everybody, we want to push forward such a social movement in future.

Voice of cooperator②

Shingo Hagiwara

"Exposure to the media
                 We give the popularity of Atami"

㈱Tokyo Dome resort operation
Atami Korakuen Hotel reservation center's manager
Shingo Hagiwara (tear off straw Shingo)

As Atami is sightseeing spot, we sympathize with business of this location support "that AD come!" to as company because at first it is connected for visit of tourist to be exposed to the media. Not point of view called exposure of one instance supplier, we cooperate for thought to want visitor to come to Atami by Atami being exposed to the media totally.

As for the season of flower of from February to March, there are many visitors having high age group in average year, but he/she stays at group of person young recently, and people who were not so far in Atami are impressions to have you choose Atami.

In addition, we may ask visitor about voice called "Atami appeared on television" through Facebook (Facebook) probably because it is exposed by program, movie, drama which young people look at. We certainly realize when effect of exposure to the media is given.

Because I have regionalism like person in charge of city as it is hometown, and the whole Atami is moistened, we think that you should be able to cooperate with information dispatch of Atami in accommodation company, the whole Atami including store.

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