Civic lesson


[with civic lesson?]
After finishing lesson, unlike so-called culture school, we raise circle and,
It is place of "the making of opportunity" to form interchange between citizens through learning.
Therefore object is one of beginner. (when capacity can afford as for the existing student attending a lecture acceptance masu.)

In public hall of three places of cities, we open a course in "civic lesson" of 2017.
If there is citizen or beginner of city working, anyone can take lectures.
In addition, "Let's enjoy English" applies to parent and child, and contents are eurhythmics. (as for the child mishuenji)

[application period] It is from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) for reception hours until Monday, May 15
[application method] Please apply by any of the following method.
①Directly        Please propose necessary matter to application prepared for lifelong learning division after entry.
②As person who cannot come to mail, fax window sends application, please contact.
              In addition, we can download from the following.
③Email        You attach application by all means, and please apply. (when there is not attachment, we cannot accept)
[tuition] It is 4,000 yen other than "Let's enjoy English". "Let's enjoy English" is 2,000 yen.
        We collect tuition in the first time. It may cost teaching materials charges separately.

■Each meeting place becomes room in plaza, Izumi public hall, Ajiro public hall lively.
■It becomes lottery when attendance applicant is majority. We notify of application result after May 19.
■When students gather only to few people, we may not open a course.
■Person resident in the suburbs can take lectures only when capacity can afford.
■Conduct day, time, meeting place may be changed by circumstances.
■There is no parking lot for exclusive use of student.

[reference] 〒 413-8550 1-1, Chuocho, Atami-shi third City Hall the first floor lifelong learning division (central public hall office)
TEL: 0557 (86) 6578 Fax: 0557 (86) 6606 E-Mai:

Recruitment of civic lessons catalog (pdf)

→Application [Ajiro public hall] ① Let's ukulele pdf.   ② Pelvic diet pdf.  ③ Healthy smart smart kautaigineikyoshitsu    pdf.

       [Izumi public hall]    ① Chanson pdf. to bear song  ② Tai chi chuan pdf.  ③ Pressed flower classroom pdf.

       Chuoh public hall  ① Pleasant hula pdf.   ② Pleasant calligraphy pdf.  ③ Watercolor pdf.
                  ④  Let's enjoy English (object: parent and child) pdf.  ⑤ Do not write essay; or pdf.  

☆We distribute in spring in autumn and raise this year.
 We are going to publish offer of autumn course in public information atami July issue.

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