Atami station square maintenance business


 Atami station square reorganizes traffic function with construction of new station building, station building by JR East and creates rich walker space by making public transport the collection and maintains again to service for people who visited and space of bustle.

 Access from station facility to public transport strengthens and shall be easy to use and, with consideration to universal design, plan security, enhancement of walker space (open space, citizen open space) connected from station building to neighboring streets, cooperation reinforcement with mall by it.

 We contribute to future town development of Atami and will maintain this station square which greatly advanced to walker-based station square layout to citizen's support and space where it is. During construction, we cause all of you inconvenience, but please I would like understanding, cooperation.

Process, the need of repair of Atami station building, station square

 About Atami station building reconstruction, in Atami Station, station building which we opened in 1925 at the time was used now in committee for Ito Line convenience improvement, and some said that we hoped for rebuilding from discussion that we had problem with quake resistance. And we pushed forward various discussion with JR East from 2002.

 Current station square spent 3 ka year of the Heisei 5-7 year and maintained transference of parking lot, sightseeing restroom setting, bus terminal enlargement, footbath, and it was current figure. However, from citizen, tourist, voice that "road divided open space, and there was not a sense of unity of open space, and not to be able to pass "bus, taxi made private use of most of open space, and general car parked, and there is not place to stop" at safely" was put a lot to city.

 We pushed forward JR East, neighborhood mall, discussion of traffic company with all of you with directionality that we repaired Atami station building, station square integrally against a backdrop of these many voices as city. As a result, station square was that Atami-shi performed redevelopment each, and, as for Atami station building, the reconstruction of station department store, JR East was gathered up.

Atami Station at the time of the opening of business and current Atami Station

Atami Station at the time of the opening of business

Atami Station

Current Atami Station

The history (summary) of the Atami Station opening of business

 We practice medicine as Atami Line "Atami Station" in March, 1925
 It becomes Tanna tunnel opening, Tokaido Line "Atami Station" in December, 1934
 December, 1938 Ito Line whole line opening
 July, 1950 Atami station square city planning decision
 October, 1964 Tokaido Shinkansen opening (Tokyo Olympics holding)
 March, 1996 existing Atami station square repair work completion

Business summary

○Atami station square

      Plottage:    11,470m2
      Taxi pool: 49
      Bus pool:   8 Bath
      General car parking lot:    19

○Please see this about Atami station building, station building

  → In 2016, Atami Station, station building is reborn 

Repair schedule

○Atami station square maintenance construction
 2011: Dd open space building (bus terminal taxi pool), road change construction, others from Momoyama guard
 2012: Pedestrian bridge setting, dd open space maintenance, tree planting, lighting setting, others
 2013: General car rotary maintenance, bench setting, temporary parking lot maintenance, others
 2014: Footbath maintenance, guidance signature maintenance, others

 2015: Roof setting construction, others in front of station building, station department store

 Completion plans the end of March, 2017.
 (but, about maintenance in front of station building, station department store, we carry out in conjunction with station building, JR station department store reconstruction.)


Plan ground plan

     ◆Downloading Atami station square plan ground plan (PDF)

In response to voice from citizen, tourists (Q&A)

About Atami station square maintenance construction, inconvenience causes trouble. We settled questionable points sent by all of you. You cause inconvenience sequentially during construction period, but please understand.

What is purpose of Q1 station square maintenance construction?
The station square of A1 past is crowded with factors such as mixture of ① public car and commercial vehicle, mixture of ② Station user and car of the Momoyama guard area
   We did. We found dd terminal to solve this problem and take bus, taxi and hotel inn to and from
   We separate line of flow of car and are going to plan congestion cancellation, ensuring safety.

Wicket became far from Q2 taxi getting off ground.
They perform repair work of taxi platform in the A2 future, and distance from getting off ground to wicket is going to become around 40m from approximately 85m

It is hard to see taxi stand from Q3 Station wicket.
In the A3 future, we perform temporary restroom, transference of underpass roof signboard and removal, and visibility of platform improves.
   In addition, we perform guidance signature maintenance that all of you are easy to understand.

It is sudden, and the sidewalk of Q4 bus rotary is small and is hard to walk.
In the A4 future, we improve step, incline about the sidewalk. In addition, handrail of slope is improved and makes it easy to walk.

Q5 public car rotary is made private use of to inn hotel courtesy car.
As A5 public car space, we made temporary parking space for 19 for the center. (free for first 30 minutes)
   In addition, please use that one as you establish getting on and off space for five at the rotary top.
   Inn hotel pickup and drop-off space should be zone given priority at 18:00 from 10:00.

Danger that pedestrian crossing grieves at in Q6 rotary.
Anteroposterior 5m is prohibited from parking and stopping when you establish A6 pedestrian crossing, and install because getting on and off space decreases
   We do not go down. We install coloring, crossing prevention fence and will derive in future to pass safely.

Till when do you perform Q7 construction?
A7 station square maintenance construction is going to be completed to progress of station building, station building construction by March, 2017.

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