City hall which does business

City hall which does business


As "city hall doing business"

We will carry out following activities as "city hall doing business" to promote activation, sightseeing promotion of city industry more in Atami-shi.

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1.Industrial development project by promotion of private investment
  ・・About not being used assets (not being used land) which ・ Atami-shi owns, we offer information to private business person,
    It will promote concrete utilization to lead to activation of Atami-shi through business, negotiations.

2.Partnership agreement with private enterprise
  ・・Build ・ private enterprise and the cooperation system effective mutually; of tourist in the city and residential population
    Development of business that is effective by viewpoint that is equal about no increase, activation, industrial development of economy
    We will conclude agreement for the purpose of performing o.

3.A-biz (Atami-shi challenge support center)
  ・・The Atami chamber of commerce cooperates with ・ Atami-shi; and for new approaches such as sales improvement or new business
    Company in Atami-shi where is going to challenge "wisdom" and "invention" "information" and "network"
    We make full use of o and will support.

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