Site policy

About the way of contents

Consideration to usability 

 As well as easiness of search for of information, we act for improvement of so-called usability toward site that it is easy to use generally including grasp and usability of structure of site.
 We classify from viewpoint of visitor using wide administrative information clearly and establish search by keyword and prepare for plural means.

Consideration to the fair use

 We make page in consideration for accessibility to have many people use this website fairly and aim at realization for universal design.
 It becomes hard to use contents by environmental difference and characteristic of visitor using to use and considers so that we do not cause misunderstanding.

About way of management, administration

Direct management by post in charge

 We realize high reporting and service of satisfaction while not only post in charge of each duty sending applicable contents directly, but also planning smooth communication for inquiries in E-mail and coping directly on the telephone.

Quick update management

 Because each department uses management and system which they can update directly, we try for timely, careful site administration.

Copyright Policy

 Copyright about all pages (document, photograph, illustration software) publishing in this website of indication in particular when there is not, belong to Motoichi. Visitor of the use forbids that we do the second use such as reproduction, conversion, sale without permission of Motoichi about publication contents firmly.
 In addition, generally names such as company name, brand name which we published in this website are trademark, registered trademarks of the companies concerned.

About PDF

Adobe Acrobat Reader is necessary so that you see page using PDF. (Adobe Acrobat Reader is trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated (Adobe Systems Incorporated).)

About verboten

You shall not have to do the next act on using this website.

○ It is disadvantage and act to damage or act with the fear for third party and Motoichi
○ Act against public order and morals or act with the fear
○ Criminal act and act to be tied or act with the fear
○ Illegal act or act with the fear
○ False report and act that we report
○ Act to damage third party and honor and trust of Motoichi or act with the fear
○ Act to violate property and privacy of third party or act equal to slander slander
○ It is use or act to offer or act with the fear by harmful programs such as computer virus
○ In addition, act that Motoichi judges to be inappropriate

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