Links from other sites to Atami-shi homepage

(1) Principle

 It is said that it is free to do principle with the proviso that rink to Atami-shi homepage (following city HP) is site that does not correspond to item of (3). In addition, link intends for city HP top page and cannot guarantee link to specific contents.

(2) Precondition

 Contents of link former site belong to managers of the site and have nothing to do with Atami-shi, and, about contents of link cause site and manager, Atami-shi shall not take any responsibility.

(3) About refusal of link

 When there is setting of link or hope from site corresponding to the following items, we contact in it not being possible with link for managers of link cause site.
   A. It is against public order and morals
   i. We include pink content (sex violent description)
   Cormorant. We include thing tied to criminal act or illegal contents
   Oh. We include contents violating property, privacy of third party or slander slander
   o. We are similar to preelection campaigning, election campaign of election or this. Contents in conflict with the Public Officers Election Act  
     We include
   Mosquito. We include contents causing unauthorized access and system stop
   ki. Page of city HP linked to is displayed like site of origin of link by frames; phosphorus
     It might cause misunderstanding such as contents of origin of ku
   ku. It was judged that other links were inappropriate

Links from Atami-shi homepage to other sites

 Links from city HP to other sites are limited to sites such as public group or group following this. In addition, there is not under management of Atami-shi, and, about manager of linked site and contents, Atami-shi shall not take any responsibility.

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