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"Atami-shi e-mail magazine" is e-mail magazine that Atami-shi government office issues.
We will tell all of PC and cell-phones who had e-mail address register about various information from city by email.
There is e-mail magazine to issue at any time including e-mail magazine to issue event or living information of Atami regularly and disaster prevention and firefighting information.

Public information atami broadcast content

[issue date] At the time of public information atami broadcast 
[contents] We can receive contents which broadcasted in public information atami (Atami-shi emergency broadcast system broadcast) by letter. Please use local one hard to hear. Information to tell about is information of the following contents which broadcasted public information atamide. 
◆Disaster prevention related information 
◆Outbreak and extinguishment of a fire of fire 
◆Traffic information of road and railroad 
◆Appeal of road safety 
◆Security information 
◆Visit; person 
◆Others, news from city hall
Delivery may be late than broadcast depending on the situation of network. 
Even if it is broadcast of the same contents, we are delivered every time. 
Thing broadcasting only in some districts is delivered. 
Bulletin (at 4:30 p.m. 9:00 p.m.) is not delivered. 
When other e-mail magazines (disaster prevention information, security information) are read, redundant contents may be delivered. 

Firefighting, disaster prevention information

[issue date] At the time of information acquisition 
[contents] Information / others of information / vehicle information / electricity, gas, water supply about information / fire about the weather, natural phenomena on the earth, water elephant

Security information

[issue date] At the time of information acquisition 
[contents] For voice generated in various places throughout the city, follow, and take obscenity away; information about outbreak information / crime prevention of suspicious individual information / wire fraud such as threat, assault

E-mail magazine atami

[issue date] Second fourth Friday 
[contents] Administrative information, on-duty doctor / homepage latest information emergency on news / event information / holiday 

News from Atami hot water memachi

[issue date] Third Friday 
[contents] Sightseeing, event information

E-mail magazine about two area residence

[issue date] At the time of information acquisition 
[contents] It is information for Seki surukoto / event, exchange meeting / others for two area residence
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Reader registration

Reader registration from this (Registration method is thisGive ogo *)
※When you change registration information and want to resign, you have you access "change of registration information from link called this" in the last of email that has been delivered, and please change registration information than "registration information change" in "my page". In the case of withdrawal, you resign than "withdrawal" in "my page", and please handle.

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