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We offer information such as event or event to be carried out in Atami-shi.

Resident's card, family register, certification of a seal impression, various reports

We offer information such as certificate or report which we did commencing with resident's card, family register.

Pension, insurance

Information such as national pension, National Health Insurance, elderly aged 75 or over medical care, care insurance, Local Elderly Care Management Center

City tax

We offer information such as various taxes.

Health, medical care

We examine ken (ken) and offer information such as vaccination, medical institution other than ya health consultation.

The welfare

We offer the welfare of person with a disability and elderly person and information such as livelihood protection systems.

Child care

We offer information such as nursery school and clubs for after school activities for children, other benefits of child, single-parent home.


Other than thing about Board of Education, we offer information such as school education, library, lifelong learning.


We offer information such as thing about pollution, thing about dog/cat, the harmful birds and beasts.

Garbage disposal/recycling

We offer information such as garbage separation or recycling.

Water supply, the sewer, Hot Spring

We offer information such as water supply and the sewer, municipal Hot Spring.


We offer information such as entering of municipal house.

Town development

We offer information such as the Atami-shi town development regulations or cityscape of Atami-shi.

Disaster prevention, security

We offer information such as disaster prevention information, disaster information, road safety, crime prevention.

First aid, firefighting

We provide offer in information such as firefighting, first aid to keep civic security, relief.

Facility information

We offer information such as facilities (city hall, tourist facility, educational facility others) in Atami-shi.

Municipal administration information

We offer information such as profiles of Atami-shi.

Line finance

We offer information such as administrative and financial reform.


We offer information such as voting and counting the ballots of election held in Atami-shi.

Various civic consultation

We offer various civic consultation and information such as fraud, malicious business method.

Citizen convenience book

We offer information to help life such as citizen convenience books issuing for citizen.

Collection of established regulation

We offer information such as collections of established regulation of Atami-shi.

Electronic application

Using the Internet, we offer information such as various application or electronic application that we can download of format.

Branch duties

We provide information such as duties performing in each thing about proof of resident's card, family register, seal registration, thing about certification of a seal impression, thing about various reports of National Health Insurance, medical system for elder senior citizens, national pension, storing such as city taxes and income, taxation (tax exemption), the tax payment, reception desks such as opening, stop of water supply and city branch (south Atami branch, Izumi branch) including thing about storing such as water rates.

Public information, public hearing

We offer public information atami back number, public information coverage diary, e-mail magazine, information about public information public hearing including civic questionnaire.


Sightseeing information

We offer information such as sightseeing event and Hot Spring, specialties.

Tourist facility

We offer information such as tourist facilities in the city.


Auction information

We offer information such as bid or bid participation qualification application that Atami-shi carries out.

Commerce and industry

We offer information such as commerce and industry promotion of Atami-shi.

Company support

We offer information such as financing facilities which Atami-shi performs.

Local industry

We offer information such as local industry of Atami-shi.

Employment labor

We offer information such as employment measures or labor.

Insertion business

We offer information such as insertion offers such as public information atamiya envelope, wall surface.

Company invitation

We offer information such as approaches of industrial development by private investment promotion.

City tax

We offer information such as various taxes.

City not being used products from the earth utilization

We offer information of unused land that Atami-shi holds in order to have you effectively utilize by private investment.


Management and Planning Department

Civic Life Depertment

Health and Welfare Department

Sightseeing and Construction Department

Municipal Utility Department

Sewer division

[Management planning section]
Thing about basic plan of sewer management and financial program.
TEL: 0557-86-6523

[Facility section]
Thing about design of sewer facility and maintenance.
TEL: 0557-86-6526

Accounting division

Purse strings room

Thing about the receipt and disbursement of cash and storage.
Thing about preparation of financial statements.
Thing about designated financial institutions.

Fire‐Defense Headquarters

Fire department

Caution gyoni of disaster-proof relate to.
Thing about ambulance service.
Thing about rescue operation.
TEL: 0557-86-6524

[Telecommunication dispatching section]
Thing about firefighting disaster prevention communication and disaster information.
Thing about official announcement of fire alarm and cancellation.
TEL: 0557-81-2555

City Council Secretariat

City Council Secretariat

Thing about administration of municipal assembly and general affairs of assembly.

Board of Education

School education division

[education and childcare promotion section]
Thing about promotion of business based on Atami-shi education promotion basic plan.
Thing about nursery school.
TEL: 0557-86-6552

[General affairs of school section] Thing about procedure of transference studies of elementary and junior high school.
Thing about facility management of school and kindergarten.
Thing about scholarship.
TEL: 0557-86-6557

[School guidance section]
Thing about unofficial report of appointment and dismissal or other personnel affairs of the principal and the staff of a school.
Thing about attendance at school instruction of municipal kindergarten and elementary and junior high school.
TEL: 0557-86-6561

Ajiro kindergarten(0557-68-0429)
Taga kindergarten(0557-68-1768)
Kamitaga kindergarten(0557-67-2722)
Midorigaoka kindergarten(0557-82-0083)
Izusan kindergarten(0557-80-5269)
Spring kindergarten(0465-62-6431)


Thing about general administration plan of library.

Audit Commission Secretariat

Audit Commission Secretariat

Thing about office work assistance of checkup committee.

Election Administration Commission Secretariat

The secretariat

Thing about the election execution.

Agricultural Committee Secretariat

Agricultural Committee Secretariat

Thing about agriculture committee and agriculture committee.
Thing about use of farmland optimization.
Thing about farmland conversion.
Thing about farmer's pension.