Businessmen bid, contract information and information about business support


vol .15 cover

Atami NEWS LETTER vol .15 (2017.3 month issue) issuance

We issue seasonal information of Atami once as "Atami NEWS LETTER" in report, quarter to have people inside and outside the city be interested in Atami.

Vending machine

Recruitment of Atami-shi municipal house vending machine setting companies

In Atami-shi of municipal ownership property rent a part of the municipal houses, and install vending machine for drink to plan effectively utilizing, and raise companies to run by general competitive bidding.

Application period was expired

□Loan period from May 1, 2017 to March 31, 2020 (two years 11 months)
□Eight offer number

For details, please see the offer point.

Public information atami January, 2017 issue cover

Under 2017 public information atami advertisement offer

 About advertisement that public information atamini places, we raise 2017.
  Publication period: April, 2017 issue - March, 2018 issue
  Deadline for application: Tuesday, February 28, 2017


A-biz (Atami-shi challenge support center)

In A-biz (Atami-shi challenge support center), the Atami chamber of commerce cooperates with Atami-shi Sightseeing and economy division Industrial promotion section; "think with all of companies for sales increase, and start wisdom without hanging cost. And we give result." It is particularly new unit shop support project that we were particular about. Anyway, we think with everybody thoroughly. At first such company which wants to challenge something which wants to begin that is new that we want to raise sales, please contact we A-biz.  

About construction in conjunction with city road traffic toward end of the fiscal year

Construction is carried out at each site in city for end of the fiscal year. We cause trouble very much. As you gathered up period or point of construction, please refer. Thank you in advance.


Auction information

We offer information such as bid or bid participation qualification application that Atami-shi carries out.

Commerce and industry

We offer information such as commerce and industry promotion of Atami-shi.

Company support

We offer information such as financing facilities which Atami-shi performs.

Local industry

We offer information such as local industry of Atami-shi.

Employment labor

We offer information such as employment measures or labor.

Insertion business

We offer information such as insertion offers such as public information atamiya envelope, wall surface.

Company invitation

We offer information such as approaches of industrial development by private investment promotion.

City tax

We offer information such as various taxes.

City not being used products from the earth utilization

We offer information of unused land that Atami-shi holds in order to have you effectively utilize by private investment.

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